Muschietti Teases Us Yet Again

The Flash has had an insane journey on it’s way to being released. From re-writes, director changes, and all sorts of developmental hell issues. However once getting Andy Muschietti on board with a new script things seemed to press forward. We have seen multiple set photos, a long with post from Muschietti as he constantly teases the full costumes. And now he has sent us something new, very new.

What an amazing image! A Keaton Batman suit painted over with The Flash colors and insignia! But most importantly, what does this image mean for the film? While we like to speculate responsibly, as my friend Ken Napzok says, it could mean nothing, or it could mean everything.

Maybe this image is a preview of a something we will see in The Flash next November. Is there a timeline where Barry picks up the mantle of Batman? Do we have a lightning fast Bat? Or is is this to let us know that the Batman/Flash team-up is meant for bigger things? Will this connection go on further then this movie? Why so much on Keaton’s Batman, and so little on Batfleck? Or maybe, its just a really cool image. Guess only time will tell, and by time, I mean 13 months.

The Flash will hit theaters on November 4th 2022 and stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash. Joining him is DC Alum Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton who both reprise their roles as Batman. Sasha Calle takes up the mantle of Supergirl for the first time since Faye Dunaway in 1984. Kiersey Clemons returns from The Snyder Cut as Iris West, Maribel VerdĂș, and Ron Livingston as Nora and Henry Allen. It comes to us from a script based on the Flashpoint storyline from Christina Hudson.

What do you think about the image? Are you excited for The Flash? Answer the call in the comments!

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