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Our Editor, B to the C

B to the C has been writing, breathing, and living a life filled with movies for over a decade and his dedication is unmatched. His resume includes gigs as the 2nd AD for Movie Trivia Schmoedown, to writing for Cinelinx, to arguing about the meaning of Boba Fett’s presence with extreme passion on Movie Talk, After Buzz TV and Popcorn Talk.  

What makes this former pro wrestler really stand out, though, is that soft, big, caring heart he has underneath his hard exterior. Don’t let that front fool you: he would drop everything to help a friend in need. Friends will tell you that BC’s determination has gotten him through tough times and questionable choices that he faced with grit, commitment, and a large therapy bill, but brought him out the other side in a better place with an authentic approach to life. The grind may drag you down day after day, but by embracing an attitude of positivity and gratitude, you can keep your personal goals in sight. 


Rob nTropi is a accomplished writer and critic. On top of working for Cinelinx.Com, he runs Channel Control on You Tube.


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