Who’s The Boss Set To Return

Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano are set to return as Tony and Samantha in a sequel series of Who’s The Boss, set 30 years after the events of the original. The sequel will focus once again on Tony Micelli and his relationship with his daughter Samantha, now a single mother, living in the family house.

The series will be executive produced by Norman Lear, and has landed at Amazon Freevee for development.  One Day at a Time co-creator and co-showrunner Mike Royce is writing for the project and will also serve as executive producer with co-executive producer Brigitte MuñozLiebowitz, reports Deadline.

The new comedy will explore generational differences, as well as opposing views and parenting styles within the modern family in 2022. Sony Pictures Television, which owns the rights to the original series and has been working on the sequel for the past two years, is the studio.

Not going to lie, I am all for this! Tony Danza is a national treasure, and the garbage picking, field goal kicking, Philadelphia phenomenon(if you don’t get that reference you’re too young bro). And I always welcome anything with the amazing talent that is Alyssa Milano! But what say you? Are you excited to jump back and see what’s up with Tony and Samantha? Or are you over these sequel series’? Answer the call in the comments below!

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