Lady Gaga in Talks for Joker

It looks like Joker 2 is further along then we may have expected. While we just found out that even was a Joker 2 on the way, we already have some casting news! But not any news. A possible Harley Quinn? With an Academy award winning actress? I’m in.

Lady Gaga is apparently in talks to join the film for a role being kept under wraps, but as THR is reporting, they are also speculating that she might be a new version of Harley Quinn. After getting the title, we all expected a Harley to join the frey! Harley, most recently portrayed by Margot Robbie in The Suicide Squad, and Kaley Cuoco who voices her in her own animated series, is Joker’s on again, off again abusive relationship partner. A character who has been loved by the fans since her creation in Batman The Animated Series.

That is not all though. THR is also reporting that the film is going to be a musical! This comes a little out of left field, however not incredibly of brand. Joker was heavily reliant on it’s score, that fit the film so perfectly. Plus Arthur Fleck had an odd dancing obsession. So the idea of making it a musical is interesting. It even won Best Original Score for Hildur Guðnadóttir. Though THR doesn’t say much as into where or how they got this information, or why a musical has been chosen, if it has.

Joker was a box office success and set records for an October release. It grossed over $1 billion, the first R-rated film to do so, and became the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2019 during its theatrical run. The film also received numerous accolades. At the 92nd Academy Awards, it earned a leading 11 nominations, including Best PictureBest Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker: Folie à Deux seems to be moving full steam ahead. Perhaps it is further along then we were being lead to believe. But what say you? Would you like to see Lady Gaga in a musical sequel to Joker? Answer the call in the comments below.

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