DareDevil Returns at SDCC

Might be a little bit of a click bait title, I know, I’m sory about that, but it was a cool title! So I went with it! Cause DareDevil is returning, Charlie Cox, is returning, to Spider-Man: Freshmen Year. The animated prequel to Spider-Man Homecoming.

The Marvel Animation panel brought us a lot of information from the upcoming Marvel ZombiesWhat If… season 2(and the announcement of What If… Season 3) as well as X-Men 97. But one of the more interesting notes is that Charlie Cox is not done with the MCU after his appearance in No Way Home. Cox will return to voice Matt Murdoch AKA DareDevil in Freshmen Year. The extent of his role is not yet known if he will be a a reoccurring or main role in the series, but the fact that he is back is pretty cool! It is also interesting to note his costume is very reminiscent of his early look in the Netflix DareDevil Series.

The series will not hit Disney+ until 2024, but we also now know there will be a second season, entitled SpiderMan: Sophomore Year. The idea of canon has been brought up as issues seem to be possible with this series. According the SDCC Panel, he series will introduce villains such as Scorpion, Unicorn, Rhino, Tarantula, Doctor Octopus and Speed Demon, while possible allies include Amadeus Cho and RunawaysNico Minoru. The series will also see the “MCUHarry Osborn. Which will raise some questions as Parker eventually meets Norman, and never brings up his pal Harry. But in Feige we trust to make everything work out in the end.

It is also interesting to see Nico Minoru return to another Marvel Product. No word on whether or not Lyrica Okano will reprise her roll from Marvel Adjacent series from Hulu, The Runaways.

We have also seen Amadeus Cho in the MCU already, in a very minor role way before the MCU made it big. The Incredible Hulk gave us an unnamed character with no lines, who was apparently Cho. Amadeus however is the son of Helen Cho, who we will all remember from Age of Ultron. So if this show is to be canon, a lot of this will be retconned.

Needless to say this sounds like a fun series, and I am excited and on board for it. But what say you? Answer the call in the comments below! What do you think about the possible canon issues? Are you excited to see Charlie Cox return? Would like to see Lyrica Okano return to voice Nico? Let us know!

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