The Tournament is Koming

One of the big surprises during WB’s flawed yet awesome idea to put all their theatrical films on HBO Max during 2021 was the new vision of Mortal Kombat. While the film had it’s own flaws it self, it was still an epic return for the franchise, and one of HBO Max’s most watched films. After the teaser of Jonny Cage at the end of the film, we have been waiting for an announcement of a sequel, and we finally have it.

Deadline is reporting that the sequel is moving forward with Simon McQuoid is set to return as director. McQuoid debuted with he first film after making a name for himself working with Xbox, PlayStationKall of Duty and Halo 3. The first film set the tournament up, leaving us on the edge four seats waiting to see these iconic video game kharacters battle it out.

No word on a production start date, or when the movie might hit theaters, but any movement is good movement. Knowing that the director is set to kome back now is good news, and looks like we could start getting more information in the koming months. How excited are you? Who do you want to see as Jonny Cage? Personally I’m hoping for the Miz. Answer the kall in the komments below!

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