New Trailer For Snake-Eyes Hits

G.I. Joe has been hit with many mixed reactions with the two films. Personally I loved the first film, Rise of Cobra, cheesy as it is, and I liked, scenes, from Retaliation. However, no matter what you felt about the films, most of us agreed, their take on Snake-Eyes was awesome.

Earlier this year, we saw the first teaser trailer, and now we have a look at a full trailer for the film, giving us a look into what the film is about, and that Cobra will be the main threat.

Personally I think it looks cool. The action sequences look fun. But I am a little wiry of the muddled history they are portraying. In Rise of Cobra we learned that Snake-Eyes joined the Arashikage Clan. Snake-Eyes gains the favor of the Hard Master, becoming recognized as Hard Master’s top student. Angered at Hard Master choosing Snake-Eyes over him, Storm Shadow appears to kill the Hard Master, and is then seen running off in midst of the chaos. Since then, Snake-Eyes has chosen to take a vow of silence. Well, doesn’t look like that is the case anymore.

Snake-eyes, as far as I know, is set as a prequel to the two films we already have, so I don’t know how they plan to go about these films, and future GI Joe films. But, despite my skepticism and i remain optimistic. While I loved seeing Ray Park as SnakeEyes, I am a huge fan of Henry Golding, who takes over the role.

Snake-Eyes is set to be released on July 23, 2021. Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, Ursula Corbero as Baroness, Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Iko Uwais as The Hard Master and Peter Mensah as The Blind Master.

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