Jersey Shore Family Vacation renewed for a sixth and seventh season

On the most recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Mike The Situation’s podcast “Here’s The Sitch“, BDS let it be known that the show has been renewed for 2 more seasons!

Season 5B is debuts with new episodes on Jerzday June 23rd, and if the new trailer is any indication, the drama is set to unfold! However whether or not we will see 2 more years of JSFV is not set in stone.

JSFV airs typically twice a year. Splitting it’s seasonS into 2. Season A and Season B. So is Mike telling us we are getting a Season 6A and 6B? Or is he saying we are getting a season 6 and 7? That remains to be seen! What do you think about the news? Answer the call in the comments below, until next time, CABS ARE HERE!

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