Venom 3 Is A Go

Cinema Con is up and running in Las Vegas, and a lot of cool tid bits have been coming out. One thing that we are most excited for, is Venom 3. The Venom franchise has been a lot of fun. Going into it we were a little iffy. A Venom movie without Spider-Man? Not sure if that made any sense. Well with every thing stacked against them, Sony pulled off an incredibly fun film. Then upped the ante with its sequel. After a brief appearance in the MCU before jumping back to his own universe, it looks like it is time to move forward with a third installment.

The franchise has earned over a billion thus far at the box office, so it only makes sense a sequel was on its way. No word on if Andy Serkis is returning to direct. The First film was directed by Reuban Flicher, while Serkis took over directing for the second film Let There Be Carnage. It is safe to say Hardy will be returning as he was, for the most part, praised for his “fun” performance in the films. More then likely it is safe to bet that Stephen Graham, who portrayed Detective Mulligan in the sequel, will probably be returning as they teased him turning into Toxin at the end of the film.

Are you excited for the sequel? Answer the call in the comments below!

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