Star Trek: Prodigy Character Posters Released

The Star Trek Animated universe is once again growing. A side from Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy is on its way, and will see the return of Captain Janeway from Voyager for the first time since a brief cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis. Janeway will portray a hologram that teaches a motley crew of aliens who stumble across a decommissioned ship named the U.S.S. Protostar.

Janeway will once again be voiced by Kate Mulgrew who stared as the character in Voyager and the cameo in Nemesis. She is joined by lovable yet indestructible Murf voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, and shy, but intelligent Brikar RokTahk voiced by Rylee Alazraqui, sixteen-year-old Tellarite Jankom Pog voiced by Jason Mantazoukas, a noncorporeal Medusan named Zero voiced by Angus Imrie, the unwaveringly hopeful Dal voiced by Brett Gray, and teenage star exploring dreamer named Gwyn voiced by Ella Purnell.

This morning Paramount gave us our first look at this motley crew of young aliens with an entire batch of new character posters. Check them out below.

Star Trek: Prodigy hits Paramount+ on October 28th with 10 episodes in the season, and will then be released on Nickelodeon sometime before the second season hits. What do you think of the characters in Prodigy? Definitely a departure from the normal 90% human Star Trek crew we are used to seeing. Answer the call in the comments below, will be watching on Paramount+, or will you wait until it releases on Nickelodeon?

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