Blue Beetle is getting set to Strike First

DC is continuing to push forward the DCEU, and Blue Beetle is a project that has been on the books. Universal’s Scarface remake and Sony’s Miss Bala scribe Gareth DunnetAlcocer is set to write a script, with Charm City Kings Director Angel Manuel Soto set to direct.

And now it looks as we might have our actor for Jaime Reyes. Always ready to strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy, Cobra Kai breakout Xolo Maridueña is in talks to star in the film, according to TheWrap. Maridueña burst on the scene with Youtube’s incredible series Cobra Kai, which was later purchased by Netflix as it has become a huge success.

The original Blue Beetle was created by Fox Comics and later owned by Charlton Comics. The first Beetle initially gained superpowers from a special vitamin, which was later changed to gaining powers from a “sacred scarab“. The second Blue Beetle, taken over by DC Comics, was added to the DC Comics universe during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The third Blue Beetle, our Jaime Reyes, discovered that the original Blue Beetle scarab morphed into a battle suit allowing him to fight crime and travel in space.

Blue Beetle will be part of the DCEU and will make its debut exclusively on HBO Max. What do you think of the potential casting? Are you excited for a Blue Beetle film? Answer the call in the comments below!

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