Quantumania Begins Production

Phase 4 is well underway with the Disney+ series’ setting up the new future of the MCU. Falcon and The Winter Soldier has got us ready for Captain America 4, while Wandavision gave us a glimpse of a Multiverse, and then Loki gave us the full blown multiverse explosion and our new big bad set to follow in the footsteps of Thanos. And now filming for the next time we see our villainous Kang The Conqueror is underway.

Peyton Reed, director of the AntMan trilogy, let us know that filming has begun with a familiar face. This doesn’t really give us much, but let’s speculate for a quick second, responsibly of course. The image Mr. Reed uses to announce filming is a gift Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang gave his daughter in 2015’s AntMan. We know that Kathryn Newton has replaced Avengers: Endgame’s Emma Fuhrmann as Cassie. The focus on something that belongs to Cassie, and the new replacement casting with Newton, a more recognizable star, might indicate that she will become the superheroine Stature in this film. But that’s just our opinion.

Quantumania cast will bring back Rudd as AntMan, and Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp/Hope van Dyne.  Michael Douglas returns as Hank Pym, with Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet van Dyne. In addition, Kathryn Newton  as Cassie Lang, and Jonathan Majors returns from Loki as Kang, the films primary antagonist. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is scheduled to hit theaters February 17, 2023.

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