Party’s Here!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back! Part 2 of Season 4 will hit MTV on June 3rd. They announced the return on Instagram early this morning with a trailer, check it out below!

There is so much to unpack, the second half of the season looks to be exciting! From the gender reveal of baby Situation, to what looks like Pauly D taking some bumps in the ring! Plus it looks like the whole gang is fully back together with the epic return of Snooki.

After the drama that was Angelina’s wedding, and the fallout of “Speechgate”, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi left the show. Tired of dealing with the backlash, and hate from the internet, she had said she would no longer be a part of the show. However it looks as that did not last very long, and she returns for Part 2 of Season 4.

Curious by his absence in the video is Ronnie OrtizMagro. The Jersey Shore star was arrested for domestic violence on April 22, although he was not charged and was released the next day after posting a $100,000 bond. Ronnie has been one of the driving forces of entertainment and drama on the show since its debut in 2009. From his arguments with Samantha SammieGiancola, his infamous fight with Mike The Situation” in Italy, and to his spiraling and Instagram tirades during the Family Vacations. It will be interesting if he is not a part of this half of the season.

Is Snooki’s return a replacement for Ronnie not being there?? Or is this just the cameo of the season? This remains unseen as we will have to wait to see how the second half of the season takes place as the gang take their vacation time to the Poconos, as the “Shore Bubble” is set at Pennsylvania’s Woodloch Resort. Are you excited for second half of Season 4? What do you think about the return of Snooki? Where’s Ron?Answer the call in the comments below!

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