BEDROCK Headed to Fox

The Flintstones was an iconic cartoon when I was growing up. They still hold a place in history as one of the first families of television. From multiple incarnations of the series, and sequel series’, to movies, both animated and live action, to toys, and everything in between, The Flintstones are a part of the pop culture that will live on forever. And with that a new sequel series’ is in the works.

Co-produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Fox Entertainment, with Elizabeth Banks on as executive produce and star, BEDROCK will catch up with Pebbles Flintstone 20 years after the events of the original series. Pebbles is embarking on her own career as her father Fred, is on the brink of retirement. The Flintstones along with the residents of Bedrock, must navigate the world as it transitions from the Stone-Age to the Bronze-Age, with all the obstacles at come with.  In The Flintstones canon, as seen in ABC’s 1993 made-for-television animated movie, Pebbles, voices by Megan Mullally, works for an advertising agency, marries BammBamm and ends up moving to Hollyrock, a fictional version of Hollywood. It will be interesting to see if they follow this storyline up.

Bedrock will allegedly be an Adult themed animated series in vain of The Simpsons and will air on Fox. As a fan of the Flintstones this makes me extremely excited. While I hope the lean a little more Simpsons/Family Guy rather then South Park, there is a lot of potential for this project. Banks will be voicing Pebbles, which I think is a good casting choice, and leaves me excited for who else this project will add, and where we can go with it.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and DC Super Hero Girls scribe Lindsay Kerns is currently working on the pilot script.

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