One Night in the MCU

Samuel L Jackson is getting his own Disney+ show, and we could not be more excited. While we have loved seeing him pop up in random movies and having a supportive role in films like Captain Marvel and The Winter Soldier; it is great to finally see something focus on Nick Fury.

While we know that Ben Mendelsohn will join Jackson reprising his role as Talos the Skrull in Secret Invasion, Deadline is reporting that One Night in Miami Star Kingsley Ben-Adir has joined the project. Ben-Adir recently appeared as Malcom X in One Night in Miami and has an impressive body of work so far with Peaky Blinders, High Fidelity, The OA, and even played Barack Obama in Showtime’s The Comedy Rule.

Secret Invasion will be based on the comic run of the same name where the Skrulls invaded the Earth and its mightiest heroes for a time. Allegedly Ben-Adir will play the lead antagonist in the show.

Are you as excited as we are for Secret Invasion and a show centered around the number one spy in the MCU? Answer the call in the comments below!

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