Batgirl and Zatanna Headed to HBO Max

Looks like DC is finally ready to pull the trigger on the Batgirl Project. Earlier today Warner Bros. and AT&Tconfirmed that Batgirl was on books at their investor’s presentation. Along with this were films we knew about like Aquaman 2Black AdamThe Batman, and so on. But the star of the meeting is obviously the news that Batgirl is on the board. But she’s not the only new name to be confirmed.

It was also noted that a live action Zatanna is set to go into production as well. We first heard about the possibility of Zatanna hitting HBO Max back in July, but there was nothing to confirm it until now. While Batgirlhas been heavily rumored with scripts in the making since 2018. 

Christina Hodson has been attached to the script since the 2018 rumors, so it’s safe to say this upcoming Batgirl project is probably hers. Hodson most recently worked on the scripts for both Bumblebee and Birds of Prey, so she is no stranger to the WB family. Zatanna on the other hand has less information to go on. But it is exciting to see these two new projects.

What do you think about the new names added to the WB/DC slate? Answer the call in the comments below!


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