First Look at Hailee Steinfeld as Hawkeye

During this week’s Super Bowl we got another look at The Falcon and Winter Soldier, which will arrive this March on Disney+. With WandaVision mid-season as we go, it looks like the MCU Series’ are on a roll. That said, we have our first look at Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in the upcoming HAWKEYE series.

Way back when, Jeremy Renner had signed on to make a Hawkeye film, but as time went on, and MCU transformed and adapted it has now been rebranded and rewritten into a miniseries. A miniseries that looks to focus on the future of the MCU, with the next Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. Bishop is technically the third person to take on the role of Hawkeye, but it looks as she will be Barton’s successor in the upcoming series.

Hawkeye is well into production and this morning we were treated to our best look at Hailee Steinfeld in the Hawkeye costume!

Not giving away too much, the image shows off the energy that Steinfeld brings to all her roles. This is an exciting project, and I am hyped to check it out! Hawkeye has no official release date yet, but it is said to be coming in late 2021, as confirmed during Disney’s Investor Day presentation.

What do you think about the look of the next Hawkeye? Are you all in on the MCU series’? Answer the call in the comments below!

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