Titans Find’s its Commissioner Gordan

The DC Universe App will be remembered by most as a failure. While I truly enjoyed it, I understand why it did not work. It should have been held off, or just folded into HBO Max immediately. As now it has become mostly just a digital comics app, while most of its original content and library slowly surface on HBO Max. What the hold up on some of the shows are, I am not sure, but those are thoughts for a different day.

What the DC Universe App did right was their actual Original Content. Shows like Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing (despite its cancellation before it even aired a single episode) and Titans were overall, enjoyable shows. Personally, I really liked Titans. I felt it was an awesome addition to the DC Television world and casted pretty damn well. Season 2 amped up the action and story and continued to deliver a dynamic and intriguing story.

As we wait, impatiently, for a season 3, we know that Barbara Gordon, daughter of famed Jim Gordon, will be making her debut in the series and we have found our actress to bring the Batgirl/Oracle to life.

Variety is reporting that Savannah Welch (Six, Boyhood) will taking up the role of Gordon. At this point when we meet Barbra she has already been shot and paralyzed by The Joker. Retired from her life as Batgirl, with a strained relationship with Bruce Wayne, she is now in the position her father once held as the Commissioner of the Gotham City police. When Dick Grayson (Brendon Thwaites) returns to Gotham she is forced to deal with the complications of her past life, including a romance she and Dick once had.

Filming for Titans season 3 is underway and is set to conclude in June. A release date has yet to be revealed. Answer the call in the comments below and tell us what you think of the casting announcement, as well as any other thoughts you have on Titans.

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