Saved By The 2nd Season

I grew up loving Saved By The Bell. All though I was a child and didn’t realize how there was absolutely no continuity to that show. But that is not the point, it was fun! And an afterschool tradition! So, with the excitement of the new requel series, I was ready to jump back to bayside. And I truly enjoyed season 1 of the series, once I figured out what it was.

The tone was very off at first to me. Half the characters seemed to be charactures, and half seemed to live in the real world. It was a little confusing but still fun. Halfway through it all starts to click and learn that the offset comedic tone of the show was the world they were creating. A world that was derived from what the original show was all about. And once that clicked, I was all in.

I have been waiting for the announcement of season 2, and now we have it, thanks PeacockTV’s Instagram.

The show has incredibly diverse new cast that includes Haskiri VelazquezAlycia PascualPeña, Dexter DardenBelmont Camelli, Mitchell Hoog, and Josie Totah. These newcomers join returning cast members Elizabeth BerkleyLauren and Mario Lopez, with cameos from MarkPaul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, and Lark Voorhies. Dustin Diamond, who is currently hospitalized in Florida where he’s undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer, did not appear in the debut season; however, his reps have confirmed that talks have happened for a possible future appearance.

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