He Can Do This All Day

We last saw our beloved Captain peaceful, and old. After living a life that Black Widow had suggested he find for so long he seemed at peace, and happy. As he turned his Shield over to his dear friend Sam Wilson, The Falcon, we got the feeling he was walking away from us. However, it seems that Cap may be returning sooner than we expected.

In an Exclusive from Deadline, reports are that Evans’ is back in negotiations to return as Steve Rogers in some form or fashion in the MCU. He is already set to voice Captain America in this year’s animated series What If… But it looks like he could finalize a deal to show up in a few more films.

Deadline reports that this likely isn’t a 4th Captain America film, but more of a supporting role deal in other hero films. Could be flashbacks, could be an older Cap mentoring new heroes. The possibilities are endless. All we know is that there is a chance to see ole Rogers back in the action.

Are you excited for the idea that we could see Chris Evans continuing on as Steve Rogers? Answer the call in the comments below.

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